BAGAN 5:57 Holy Flowers, Amber & Olibanum - Natural Soy Candle - Travels Collection

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Wszystkie produkty robione są ręcznie w Polsce, zgodnie z dewizą założyciela marki - Kupuj najlepsze i doświadczaj przyjemności. Wszystkie woski użyte do produkcji naszych świec są w 100% naturalne i roślinne. Wykorzystywany przez nas wosk jest przyjazny środowisku, biodegradowalny i nie testowany na zwierzętach oraz pochodzi od uznanych producentów. Knoty wykonane są z ekologicznej, niebielonej bawełny o standardzie 100 OEKO-TEX, bez grama ołowiu. 


NUTA ZAPACHOWA: wyraziste i żywe nuty trawy cytrynowej pod rękę z aromatyczną lawendą i rozmarynem przyprawione silną paczulą… ten zapach to dowód, że preparaty na komary mogą pachnieć także pociągająco.

OPOWIEŚĆ: soczysta, pachnąca zieleń, taras, leżak, ogród, balkon… ciepłe, letnie wieczory, upojne zapachy nocy, śmiech lub uśmiech, liczenie gwiazd, nocne ptasie radio… a to wszystko bez namolnego bzzz….

KIEDY? Oczywiście wtedy, kiedy kąśliwe stworzenia wychodzą na żer albo wtedy gdy kochasz ten zapach. Rozmiar idealny do wnętrz. Aby wzmocnić barierę możesz zapalić kilka świeć. 



A scented candle will fill your interior with the scent of our original compositions.

JF Pisarczyk 1925 fragrances are created in our workshop. We compose fragrances using the best quality ingredients. By mixing scent drops, we create subjective notes and stories from various places around the world. We work with essential oils and unique fragrance essences that come to us from various parts of the world, from legal sources and have IFRA certificates confirming their highest quality.

All products are handmade in Poland, in accordance with the motto of the brand's founder - Buy the best and experience pleasure.

Candle 100% natural plant soy wax, ECO cotton wick, capacity 180 ml/6.1 oz., glass packaging.


Soy candles are a natural product that behaves differently than paraffin candles. To be able to enjoy your candle as long as possible and to maintain its aroma, it is worth following a few basic rules.


When first burning a soy candle, allow the wax to melt down to the outer edges of the container. Full melting of the upper wax layer avoids the so-called memory and tunneling ring and extracts maximum fragrance. In the case of soy candles, this time is approximately 1 to 2 hours.
A well-conducted first candle burning can significantly extend its use, so we strongly encourage you to take this step into account.


Always place candles on a heat-resistant base and place it on a level and stable surface.


If you want to maintain the intensity of the scent of your candle and the aesthetics of the jar, do not overheat it and try not to burn it for longer than 2 to 3 hours. If you want to use it for a longer period of time, extinguish the candle after the recommended time and allow the wax to set before relighting. This will also prevent the wick from tilting.


Open windows and doors disperse the odor and reduce its concentration. To get the maximum scent, give the candle a limited space, thanks to which you will not only intensify the scent but also ensure optimal use.


Try to avoid extinguishing the candle by blowing it out or do it very carefully. Blowing out the candle may cause it to splash and, consequently, dirty the furniture, the jar and, in the worst case scenario, cause burns.

It is best to extinguish the candle with a snuffer. If you don't have one, safely cut off the candle's access to oxygen - you can, for example, use a plate (do not use a cap), but immediately after extinguishing it, release smoke from the container, which if left, will significantly affect the smell of the wax.


Stop burning the candle when at least 1 cm of wax remains at the bottom of the jar. This will prevent thermal overheating of the jar and, consequently, possible damage to the surface on which you place the candle.

When the last 1 cm of wax hardens, break it up with a spoon and pour it out. Soy wax is biodegradable, so you can safely dispose of it and then reuse the container.


Do not leave lit candles unattended and keep and burn them out of the reach of children and pets.

Always place candles on a heat-resistant base and place it on a level and stable surface.

Do not touch or move the candle while it is burning - you may burn yourself because the container and wax heat up to high temperatures.

Do not burn the candle completely to avoid damaging the jar - stop burning the candle when about 1 cm of wax remains at the bottom. If you burn a candle below this limit, you risk overheating the jar, causing the wick to detach and move, and consequently crack the jar and possibly damage the surface on which you place the candle.

Burn the candle away from drafts. Drafts have a negative impact on both the burning of the candle and the safety of burning it. Flame flickering causes soot deposits and shortens the burning time of the candle, and can also be dangerous.


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