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Flavorizers safely and effectively distribute natural, 100% essential oils and their functional blends from the Hypnosis line in the air. Thanks to technologies such as ultrasonic nebulization or evaporation, diffusers create oases of well-being.

We supply many different products that can be used to fill a room with fragrance: scent sticks, aromatizers, candles and room sprays. Regardless of whether you want your room to smell
great or whether you use them for therapy, aromatizers are an easy and effective way to emit essential oils in a quick and uncomplicated way.

An aromatizer is an excellent tool that helps fill a room with a scent that supports immunity or the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. It can be used while sleeping.

Distributing fragrance using an ultrasonic aromatizer

The device is filled with water and essential oil. The more oil you use, the more intense the scent will be. The ultrasonic membrane turns the water and oil mixture into tiny water droplets that act as mist
blown into the air by the fan. This is how Stadler Form Mia, Jasmine, Julia, Lucy and Ben aromatizers emit your favorite fragrance.