Sometimes you wonder what the perfect business gift should look like?

Elegant, but not overly expensive or obliging, combining a touch of luxury that flows from craftsmanship, not ostentatious wealth.

It is worth it saying something about us or our company; for example, that we are sensitive and subtle or brave and cosmopolitan.

He emphasized our attachment to specific values ​​and concern for the natural environment and the future of the planet.

We must also not forget that it should evoke positive emotions in the recipient, which will be associated with your company.

It is also important how often we look at it and how long our gift will occupy a prominent place both physically and mentally in the recipient's mind.

That's why our candles and diffusers are so often chosen as corporate gifts.

Smell is a record of memory. Fire combined with scent evokes warm, atavistic emotions, and the materials used for production strongly emphasize the pro-ecological orientation.

All our products can be described with the word craftmanship, which nowadays is clearly associated with luxury and elegance in good style.

If certain rules are followed, all products can receive individual, distinctive packaging, specially prepared for this occasion.

And last but not least, candles burn for 30 to 100 hours, and diffusers, operating for at least 8 months, can fill the space with pleasant associations practically until the next anniversary.

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