We believe that the essence of a fragrance comes from the creative impulse and perfection of workmanship.

We believe that good fragrances must evoke the fascination of discovering something new, combined with the joy of finding what we know.

We believe that good fragrances should be bold.

We believe that a luxury product (including an original fragrance) is defined by the craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

We believe in the power of hands that put their soul into the products they produce.


Fragrances are an invitation to embark on a journey in which each note inspires the senses and imagination. Far from the beaten track, it encourages you to follow their projection and discover unexpected harmonies and dissonances.

Scents are a unique way in which we perceive and interpret the world around us. Creating fragrances gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and communicate with our recipients. For us, it is another form of artistic expression like visual arts, music or literature, only in an olfactory form.


Travel is and has always been a huge inspiration for us. The desire to know what lies beyond the horizon invariably drives us to action. It doesn't matter whether they are the savannahs of Africa, the forests of the Amazon or the islands of the Pacific. It doesn't matter whether they are the streets of a forgotten town in the Carpathians, the untamed chaos of a favela or the underground cathedrals of Cenotes flooded with water. It is important that we discover our world.

We also travel in time, into the past, into the depths of art and knowledge of everything that surrounds us and moves us.

The 19th century philosopher Thoreau stated that nothing gives a sense of meaning and purpose like passion in everyday life.



When JF Pisarczyk opened his first store in Kielce in 1925, his philosophy was simple: buy the best. This philosophy has stayed with us, close to our heart, to this day, fueling our belief in quality and innovation.

It all started with the Colonial Store, opened nearly 100 years ago in Kielce by young Jan Fryderyk Pisarczyk. In the shop on Śniadeckich Street you could get luxury products from all over the world. The interior smelled of spices and chocolate. There were cans with colorful labels and bottles of French wines on the shelves. In the following years, two more shops and a restaurant were opened. Among the scents there was an unforgettable aroma of teas and Brazilian coffee.

The war came and everything went to hell! And then...

Unfortunately, the times of the Polish People's Republic were not kind. The then authorities took over all the property of the Colonial Depot. Therefore, after 1946, Jan Fryderyk was forced to pursue his commercial talent and love for the highest quality products by working as a cashier in a self-service store...

The smell of orange and cloves disappeared for many years.

10 years after the death of Jan Fryderyk, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Jan's son, Jacek Pisarczyk, tried to resurrect the family business. The implementation of ambitious plans was interrupted by Jacek's premature and unexpected departure. For the next quarter of a century, the memory of unique scents from all over the world mixed with the noble aroma of wood of shop furniture was covered with the dust of history...

Until 2020, when the next generation of the family decided to re-establish the JF Pisarczyk 1925 Kolonial Store with its motto - buy the best and unforgettable fragrance combinations that have accompanied our brand from the very beginning.