Once again, we naively try to access the data on the red disk. We saved there photos from one of our trips to Palermo. Easter…
Unfortunately, the disk has been broken for many years and many specialists have tried to recover data from it...
And we, trying to wake him up from time to time, hope for a miracle...

* * *

The leaves on the bushes and trees were still in the embryonic phase, and in the morning the puddles were covered with a thin crust of ice. The sun sometimes timidly warmed the humid air, and brave tulips and crocuses faced the winter that was inevitably approaching another fall. It was Warsaw, and less than 3 hours to the south, a completely different reality was blooming with the stunning scent of blooming citrus trees.

Opening the wooden shutters transported us at the speed of light from the darkness of Central European early spring to the morning glow of sunny blue. This light had the scent of heaven, mixed with salty wind and bergamot.

Palermo, swelled with anticipation and emotion. The excited baroque sculptures of the fountains craned their necks to see, once again in their 400-year life, the same Jesus and the sorrowful Mary carried on the shoulders of men fanatically devoted to the cause.

The procession has already formed. First the brass bands; Sicilian, nostalgic, swinging melody. Remember Michael Corleone's wedding to Apollonia from The Godfather? That's what it sounded like. Later, children in white habits, dignitaries and officials preceded by hooded figures in conical hats like the Ku Klux Klan, and further, in a glass coffin, a figure of Jesus carried by 32 penitents.

The figure of Our Lady of Sorrows looking at this whole mystery every year with sad eyes. Carrying the figures with the utmost skill and effort, pumping liters of blood into the veins on their foreheads, they maneuver powerful catafalques in the narrow streets. Behind them is a procession of residents, often in traditional costumes, preserved in their unchanging nature by 19th-century mothballs.

Black capes and hats. A huge procession paralyzes the entire city center, but no one cares. Policemen and Carabinieri compete with Roman legionaries to see who will better protect the inhabitants of Palermo. All elements of the mystery have been consistently repeated for hundreds of years. Easter Sunday.

We push through the crowded streets towards the port. It's time to look for a place for dinner.

* * *

Easter in Palermo. Unforgettable for us.

It was this morning smelling of a citrus orchard that became the inspiration for our fragrance PALERMO 8:06 Bergamot & Sandalwood, and thanks to the mystery we will remember him forever.

And the event? Culturally, it is one of the most amazing events in the world that is worth seeing and experiencing. And it doesn't matter whether you believe in this God or that one, or whether you don't believe in any. We recommend it wholeheartedly.

All the best!