Sprays for your personal space. Original fragrances full of travel, memories and emotions. Spray the scent and move to a place where you feel good. You can enrich any place with our fragrances. Sprays are designed to freshen the space and enrich it with scents.

Use them on fabrics , jeans, scarves, hats, sweaters, sofas and pillows, in the car , in taxis and planes, in handbags and suitcases , wherever you are and need . Apply fragrances to your home, change the mood in your rooms to experience different sensations as you move around.

And our favorite way to use sprays - a small dog, always ready to improve the atmosphere and mood. All fragrances are created in our workshop. By mixing scent drops , we create subjective notes and stories from various places around the world. You will sense quality, care, passion and time in them.