Whenever we are in Paris, we spend at least one evening in Montmartre.

We are fascinated by the timeless magic of this unique place. Always our imagination is activated, creating images in which the sounds coming from cafes, pubs and cabarets mix with the clicking of the heels of people passing us.

It seems that we are about to see the inconspicuous figure of Toulouse - Lautrec, dressed in a black cape, Renoir or the tired face of Modigliani. Warm and sultry light allows you to see the interiors, where men are leaning over glasses of absinthe and women are as colorful as oriental flowers.

We climb the narrow wooden stairs to the attics of the tenement houses, where... amid the intense smell of oil paints and primers, the artist sketches the full figure of a young girl with short brush strokes. He looks for a reflection of his own soul in its shapes.

All these images are particularly close to us. 70 years ago, daughter Jan Fryderyk he painted his first paintings in such a studio.

Barbara pisarczyk and her painting - still life 1953
Barbara Pisarczyk 1953 in the art studio. beginning of career. On the right side there is a painting STILL LIFE WITH ABSINTH. author: Barbara Pisarczyk 1953


Everything is still there in front of her, each image is a discovery of the World, a dream and joy. Color, sound, smell, touch. Sensual emotions trigger creative thinking.

We climb the mountain, the dome is in front of us Sacre-Cœur and the night sky of Paris. It's closer to the stars here.

Get to know our fragrance MONTMARTRE 22:03

See you in Paris!