BARCELONA 10:25 Neroli & Black Spruce Home Perfume - Travels Collection

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Perfumes for your personal space. Original fragrances full of travel, memories and emotions. They are designed to refresh the space and set it up with scents. Use them on fabrics, jeans, scarves, hats, sweaters, sofas and pillows, in the car, in the taxi, on the plane, in your purse and suitcase, wherever you are and need. All fragrances are created in our workshop. You will sense quality, care, passion and time in them.


FRAGRANCE NOTE: seductive and joyful orange flowers, warmed by the morning sun, woven in the green of spruce, pine and sweet resins...

STORY: A morning filled with sunshine and birdsong. Infinite space of blues. It seems that the Balearic Islands are on the horizon, or maybe it's already Africa? A hill full of greenery. A gentle wind from the sea stirs the white curtains with the aroma of resin and blooming oranges... Coffee, churros and fruit will appear soon. Another colorful day begins.


WHEN? When you need to improve your mood, warmth and sun. Perfect for daydreaming or enjoying the here and now. The perfect companion for your desires and morning coffee.

CHARACTER: Calm, charming, spring-like, uplifting. Joy, sensitivity, elation.


Interior perfumes are available in two home sizes - ideal for living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, and in a pocket size, thanks to which the spray can become your constant companion because it can fit both in your purse/bag and in the glove compartments of your car. Interior perfumes are perfect for traveling, at work and wherever you want.

Capacity 50 and 150 ml, water, bio solubilizer, alcohol, oil composition. Glass packaging, environmentally friendly, recyclable, the product is not tested on animals.


Spray the perfume in the room, let it settle on the sofa, curtains, car mats and other fabrics.
Spray the perfume at an appropriate distance from the fabric - for a 50 ml capacity, at least 20 cm, for a 150 ml capacity, at least 30 cm.

When applying to delicate fabrics, we recommend testing the effect of the product on a piece of fabric.


When applying to delicate fabrics, we recommend testing the product's effectiveness on a piece of material in an inconspicuous place.

We do not recommend application to silk and satin.

Do not apply directly to the skin. If you experience an allergic reaction or feel unwell, discontinue use. Keep out of the reach of children.


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