NEW YORK 16:28 Ginger & Grapefruit - Natural Scented Wax - Travels Collection

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40 grams of wonderful journeys enclosed in scented waxes. Available in metal cans that protect the "caps" against odor and light exposure. You can burn scented waxes alone or combine them, and you can also regulate their quantity and thus the intensity of the scent. All waxes in our products are 100% natural and plant-based. The wax we use is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and not tested on animals, and comes from recognized producers.


NEW YORK 16:28 Ginger & Grapefruit

FRAGRANCE NOTE: Dry, slightly spicy ginger spiced with energetic grapefruit, dreamy in the warmth of amber amber... An exceptionally charming company. Our New York fragrance has the wind in it, it flies high and reaches for the stars.

STORY: The sun is here
briefly looked at 7th Avenue. Times Square fills with light. Thousands of people, as colorful as flowers, of various cultures and nationalities flow along the sidewalks.

The city hums its melody in all languages ​​of the world, brings laughter, friendship, sometimes loneliness...
Discreet aromas of perfumes, restaurants of all nations, green parks, wind blowing
bays... and an extraordinary breeze of freedom wrapping itself in its invisible shawl

A unique composition... always dependent on the season and mood.

NEW YORK 16:28

WHEN? When you need to improve your mood, lift your spirits or stimulate your vitality. It will illuminate the mind, stimulate and support concentration. It will invite inner freedom to dance. Perfect as a work companion, but also for morning meditation,
yoga or dance sessions.

CHARACTER: Energetic, invigorating, windy with a bit of spice and warmth, supporting the beauty of days and moods. Freedom, strength, power and openness.


The waxes are easy to use and smell as great as the candles! You can enjoy the selected scent or combine different waxes to create your own compositions.

100% natural plant soy wax, metal packaging, capacity 40 g


Just place the "cap" in the bowl of the heater or fireplace and heat it. After a while, you will start to enjoy the charming aroma.

As the wax is used, its smell evaporates, but the wax remains. To replace the wax, heat the bowl slightly so that you can easily remove the wax with a paper towel.


Do not add any liquids to the wax. store and use out of the reach of children and pets.
Do not move when the wax is liquid.


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